Benefits Of HempĀ 

Benefits of Hemp for The Planet

Enhances Biodiversity

Regenerates and enriches soil

Improves soil health

Needs significantly less water than other garment grown crops

Hemp clothing is naturally biodegradable and can be composted

Doesn't need harsh chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers to grow

Absorbs more C02 than other crops

Hemp heals the planet

Benefits of wearing Hemp for You

Protects your skin by naturally filtering UV light.

Hemp is stronger, longer lasting and more durable than most other fabrics

Thermo regulating - Keeps you warm when its cold and cools you down when too hot

Resists bacterial growth and breathes excellently, preventing odours.

Hypoallergenic - perfect for sensitive skin

Moisture wicking

Hemp has 3 x times the strength of cotton and up to 5 x strength of synthetics

Hemp actually gets softer the more you wear and wash it

Oh and lets not forget Bees Love Hemp!!!